It’s Not Okay…

Abuse in any form is never okay. It is not to be taken lightly nor does it need to be “justified” as abuse based on a certain level of harm (physical or otherwise) or number of instances. It is also not to be claimed lightly. It is a big deal. When I was growing upContinue reading “It’s Not Okay…”

Forgive and Remember

“Forgive and forget” – it’s age-old advice. It’s advice I’ve heard given often. It’s advice I’ve been given recently as I head into marriage. What does that actually look like though? And is it actually good advice? Is it possible? I can appreciate the notion. Forgiveness is always a good practice in any relationship. HoldingContinue reading “Forgive and Remember”

Seven Years Since…

If you knew me seven years ago, you’d know I am not the same person today as I was then. I recently wrote my final newsletter as a Young Life staff person. It was my farewell as I transitioned out of my YoungLives and staff role. It was by no means an easy decision andContinue reading “Seven Years Since…”

Cracks // Tragedy

What is a tragedy? A car accident? A school shooting? An abduction? A natural disaster? A Shakespearian story ending in ill-fated lovers’ suicides? The dictionary defines tragedy as “an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress…” or if we want to take the more theatrical route “a play dealing with tragic events and having anContinue reading “Cracks // Tragedy”