Let’s talk about life

Let’s be real here. The last few months around the world have been a little crazy. A “little” is actually an understatement. Amidst the confusion and chaos there have been a lot of feelings both good and bad as well as a lot of things to consider. I’ve been trying to put thoughts to wordContinue reading “Let’s talk about life”

It’s Not Okay…

Abuse in any form is never okay. It is not to be taken lightly nor does it need to be “justified” as abuse based on a certain level of harm (physical or otherwise) or number of instances. It is also not to be claimed lightly. It is a big deal. When I was growing upContinue reading “It’s Not Okay…”

The Answer is “No”

Not long ago, I was contacted by a production company. They were putting together a new docu-series and wanted to know if I’d be interested in being part of an hour-long episode on Mary’s murder, Marty, his secrets, the trial, and all the juicy details in between. I was interested but had some questions andContinue reading “The Answer is “No””

Forgive and Remember

“Forgive and forget” – it’s age-old advice. It’s advice I’ve heard given often. It’s advice I’ve been given recently as I head into marriage. What does that actually look like though? And is it actually good advice? Is it possible? I can appreciate the notion. Forgiveness is always a good practice in any relationship. HoldingContinue reading “Forgive and Remember”

The dress where it all began

This weekend I got to have engagement pictures taken. I also got to have pictures taken in my mom’s wedding dress. The dress she walked down the aisle in. The dress she arguably, made her most life-altering decision in. The dress she committed to spend the rest of her life with one man in. TheContinue reading “The dress where it all began”

Seven Years Since…

If you knew me seven years ago, you’d know I am not the same person today as I was then. I recently wrote my final newsletter as a Young Life staff person. It was my farewell as I transitioned out of my YoungLives and staff role. It was by no means an easy decision andContinue reading “Seven Years Since…”