Let’s talk about life

Let’s be real here. The last few months around the world have been a little crazy. A “little” is actually an understatement. Amidst the confusion and chaos there have been a lot of feelings both good and bad as well as a lot of things to consider. I’ve been trying to put thoughts to wordContinue reading “Let’s talk about life”

The Answer is “No”

Not long ago, I was contacted by a production company. They were putting together a new docu-series and wanted to know if I’d be interested in being part of an hour-long episode on Mary’s murder, Marty, his secrets, the trial, and all the juicy details in between. I was interested but had some questions andContinue reading “The Answer is “No””

Forgive and Remember

“Forgive and forget” – it’s age-old advice. It’s advice I’ve heard given often. It’s advice I’ve been given recently as I head into marriage. What does that actually look like though? And is it actually good advice? Is it possible? I can appreciate the notion. Forgiveness is always a good practice in any relationship. HoldingContinue reading “Forgive and Remember”