What is “Cracks”?

*The Cracks concept is currently on hold due to life. Period. That’s it. May be resumed at another time depending on how much wine is available any given evening.*

Cracks is this crazy idea I have to put my story into words on a page (some might call that a book). It is a blog-book for lack of a better term. I actually started it years ago and had nowhere to put it. The name comes from an example I heard during a Beth Moore study called “Breaking Free” in which we are all like broken pots put back together and through our cracks, light can shine through. In Isaiah 64:8 it says “But now, O LORD, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand.” We begin made whole by our Father just as clay works in one neat piece. Then life happens and we are broken and sometimes shattered. Yet, our kind Father puts all our pieces back together each time we break. We are never the same. Once a pot of clay breaks it cannot be put back together perfectly. There are always cracks. When illuminated from the inside out though, those cracks, those imperfections, give way to light. Our brokenness suddenly becomes beautiful. This is how I see myself and my story. I have been broken and shattered many times yet I hope above all else that Christ shines through my broken mess, my scars, my cracks.

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